RaiNiNg On Heaven

I’m no stranger to death. I just never expected this. A lifetime was spent here, memories in every corner and ghosts on every surface. I was one of the ghosts, a stranger to my own body...

17-year-old Heaven's world comes crashing down around her when her parents die tragically in a car accident. She's forced to move to small town Oklahoma, away from her L.A. home, but not before learning that her parents had been hiding a secret: a sister she never knew existed. And this stranger, Cadence, wants to get to know her. How is she supposed to grieve their deaths and move on when their secret changes her whole life?

Heaven learns to find love amidst deep heartbreak – and she learns that love comes in all forms: friendship and romance and sisterhood alike.


An incredibly powerful tale of loss, love, and recovery, Raining On Heaven will resonate with readers whose favorites include the likes of Deb Caletti, John Green, Jodi Picoult.


Puppy/cat mom.

Word & photograph storyteller.

Self-proclaimed nerd.


My name is Amanda, and I am addicted to writing. 

I believe in handwritten letters. I believe in mermaids. I believe in the healing power of salt water: tears, sweat, and the ocean. I believe in the call of the moon. I believe that real is better than perfect. I believe in bear hugs and belly laughs. I believe in putting family first. I believe that words are stronger than swords. I believe in firm handshakes. I believe in being yourself. I believe in telling the truth even when your voice shakes. I believe in cuddling up with your favorite books. I believe that peanut butter is good for the soul. I believe animals are people too. I believe in putting out into the universe what you want to get back. I believe in cuddling. I believe in love. I believe in having big dreams. And I believe in you. 

I am a young adult novelist living in Oklahoma with my partner Philip, and my two fur children, Abigail (an incredibly sweet and hyper cocker spaniel) and Nova (a black cat who also moonlights as a poltergeist). You can see their adventures on my Instagram at I've been a grown up now for more than a decade, and I'm still trying to figure out this whole be-an-adult thing. 

I grew up all over Oklahoma but mostly in Oklahoma City and Shawnee. I lived briefly in North Carolina, and still dream of the ocean on the daily. But Oklahoma has most of my family, which means it has most of my heart.

In addition to being a writer, I am also a photographer, an artist, and (may I just say) an excellent friend. Bow ties are cool!


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